Credit Union Division Announces Two New Credit Unions in Visalia Area
Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Vice-President Greg Heffron has announced agreements to provide mortgage services for two credit unions in the area.
The San Ramon-based firm will provide turn-key mortgages for members of the Tucoemas Federal Credit Union in Visalia and the Kings Federal Credit Union in Hanford, Heffron said. He heads the credit union division for Mason-McDuffie.
Each credit union has a dedicated loan officer working out of the Mason-McDuffie Visalia office. Cindy Kemp will serve Tucoemas members, while Amber Silva will work with Kings members.  
The Mason-McDuffie loan officers are available to meet face-to-face with credit union members and will work to ensure that the loan best matches the member’s personal situation.
In addition, the members also will have access to Mason-McDuffie robust online platform that includes loan applications usable from any computer or mobile device. Mason-McDuffie has built a website for each credit union that links to its online applications.  Depending upon the circumstances, loans will be approved online in as little as 10 minutes or routinely within 24 hours.  
The Visalia office also will provide free homebuyer and home finance seminars as well as help potential borrowers improve their credit scores.
The Mason-McDuffie Prime Services Group will provide customized mortgage marketing materials for each credit union.
For information about the credit union division, please contact Greg Heffron, vice-president, at or call (925) 271-7387.